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En Aquellos Días - Darío CardosoSANTIAGO, December 7, 2010 - After 12 years of being discontinued, following a limited edition on cassette with reduced circulation in 1998, the second album by Argentine singer/songwriter Darío Cardoso, titled "En Aquellos Días" (In Those Days), sees the light again in this revamped, remixed and remastered edition on CD. Through its songs Darío continues recounting life experiences taken from his travels throughout the South American continent, by way of a warm and soulful mixture of folk, blues and indigenous music.

This reissue on CD, together with recovering its original 10 songs and restoring and expanding the cover artwork, also adds five bonus tracks: four of them live performances of songs from his first album, and the fifth a new version of the classic "Una Vez Más", now accompanied by the youth group TransformARTE. With styles ranging from Uruguayan candombe and murga to Andean folklore and huayno from the Altiplano of Bolivia, Chile and Peru, together with Brazilian bossa nova and Argentine folk and blues, the whole CD covers a wide range of latin music.

Outside coverOutside traycardDisc
Inside coverInside traycard

Unlike Darío's first album, "Un Lugar en tu Corazón" (A Place in your Heart), which was recorded quickly and without much preparation, this second album was recorded after six months of work composing, arranging and performing the songs together with his established band, allowing a much more elaborate and mature result. This is also evident in the live bonus tracks, recorded during the band's heyday. The album was made by Faro Producciones, a Chilean audio and video production company that promotes initiatives that contribute towards the spiritual development of society, and that was also involved in Darío's first album.

Darío Cardoso performing during the original launch in 1998The CD starts off with a Uruguayan candombe and murga styled tune titled "Lo Que Nunca Fui" (What I Never Was) which relates Darío's experiences during teaching projects in Uruguay, and the friendships forged in different neighbourhoods and cities. Then follows an excerpt set to music from The Hidden Words by Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith, titled "Oh Hijo del Ser" (O Son of Being). The album continues with "No Te Quedes" (Don't Stay Behind), a blues that seeks to lift the fallen soul in times of tribulation, followed by "Cambia Mi Canción" (Change My Song), an Altiplano folklore tribute to the Quichua indigenous culture which also mentions Bahá'u'lláh's promise regarding native peoples. Then comes the now classic "Ciudad de Piedra" (City of Stone) whose chorus refers to the prison of 'Akká where Bahá'ú'lláh was imprisoned in the final years of His life. It is followed by "Sé Valiente Tú" (Be Brave), an R&B tune that talks about not being carried away by worldly things, and the braveness needed to accomplish this. Then comes a second excerpt set to music from The Hidden Words titled "Oh Hijo de la Justicia" (O Son of Justice), which like the other bears Darío's unmistakable trademark vocal and guitar style, now subtly embellished with other guitars and harmony vocals. Then comes "Cómo Te Explico" (How Can I Explain), a soulful blues dedicated to Mr. Habib Taherzadeh, who was an inspiration for Darío and other friends from his generation. The album continues with "El Canto del Cóndor" (The Song of the Condor), a joyful huayno dedicated to Bolivia and its people, and ends with "En Aquellos Días" (In Those Days), a song that deals with the hardship and sacrifice of living far away from family, as is Darío's case.

The first four bonus tracks are live performances of "Atardecer en Soltaniéh" (Sunset at Soltaniéh), "Para Hablar de Ti" (To Speak of You), "Canción de los Tobas" (Song of the Tobas) and "Detrás de la Montaña" (Behind the Mountain), all favourites from his first album. The fifth and last bonus track is a new version of Dario's signature song "Una Vez Más" (Once Again), written by his friend Oscar Tahuil and now accompanied by the youth group TransformARTE. This new version was previously available only as a preliminary mix, published in 2001 in Canada on a compilation CD.

During the November 20 launch, from left to right: Daniel Duhart, Nabil Rodríguez, Darío Cardoso and Javier Duhart (Photo: Cristina López)Darío Cardoso (Photo: Cristina López)

The album was launched on November 20 during a live performance at the 50th Anniversary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Chile, where Darío was accompanied by three of the four musicians that participated in the recording. The sale of the CD will support the Faizi and Dr. Muhajir rural schools in the Mapuche area of southern Chile.

From Chile, where he currently resides, Darío hopes that the album may be enjoyed and serve as inspiration, now that it sees the light again, in a more widespread way than its original issue, reaching all the corners of the continent, and why not, the planet.

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50th Annivesary of the estableshment of the Bahá'í Faith in ChileSANTIAGO, July 11, 2010 - An audio recording has been reissued on a double-CD of the event held on November 6, 1993 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Bahá'í Faith in Chile, through the formation of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Santiago in 1943.

Regarded as an important milestone in the history of the Bahá'í Faith in Chile, an independent religion originated in nineteenth century Persia that promotes unity of humanity, the event was attended by several historical believers, some of which are no longer on this earthly plane. With profound and eloquent speeches, the recording sheds light on the history of this faith in the world and in Chile, with comments and reflections on the significance of the moment. In that sense, it constitutes a heritage audio recording for the Chilean Bahá'í community.

Titled 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Bahá'í Faith in Chile, the album was originally published in 1994 on cassette, with some content abridged due to its duration. In this new version, the audio was digitized, remastered and published in full, and the cover was expanded to include photographs of the event, specially contributed by Robert and Paula Siegel.

Inside cover

This album has been reissued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Chile, 1961-2011, and is the first title developed by Faro in the category of spoken word CDs, a category intended to grow in the future.

More information about the album, sound samples and purchasing options can be found here.


The group warms up prior to recordingLOS ANGELES, December 8, 2009 – The initial recording sessions of the promising debut CD of a local musical group recently took place in this city located in the central region of Chile. Spanning a total of 12 songs amongst originals and adaptations, Claudio Quiroz, Edmundo Cortez, Patricio Díaz, Felipe Díaz and Sandra Sepúlveda recorded their voices and guitars in two marathon sessions totaling 35 hours. Also present was guest keyboardist Luis 'Catato' López, a musician who has played with many prominent Chilean musicians. The recording was produced and engineered by Javier Duhart with the assistance of Darío Cardoso, both of whom traveled especially to the city from Santiago. The logistics were provided by Mirta Vera.

Although the group has existed for over 20 years, to this day they do not have a definite name and this is the first time that they record their songs professionally. Their style has a strong emphasis on the vocals, singing three and four part harmonies with remarkable ease. Although each member has his own particular vocal timbre, the fusion of their voices is of outstanding warmth, which corresponds well with the message of their songs, which foster unity and understanding amongst peoples. The voice that especially stands out is that of Felipe Díaz, who has had experience in local festivals and radio recordings.

Edmundo CortezPatricio DíazFelipe Díaz

Following these first sessions, where vocals, backing vocals, guitars and keyboards where recorded, a second stage of sessions will be held in Santiago with the recording of additional instruments. The album should be released during 2010.


MONTEVIDEO (Uruguay), July 10, 2008 – Instrumental music from the album First Steps by Kamal Siegel was used as a musical backdrop for a photographic display titled "Messages", which was inaugurated at the Maciel Hospital in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, the city's first historic hospital. In the presence of prominent photographers, writers, artists, patients, hospital personnel, friends and relatives of the patients, amongst others, representatives of the Cultural Commission of the hospital together with the author of the exhibition, the poet and photographer Gerardo Almada, presented the display.

Gerardo Almada presents the displayDetail of the displayAttendees walk through the exhibition

The exhibition was set up in an inside courtyard, originally open but currently roofed, leaving the original brick walls visible. The comments on the display, although diverse, agreed on the depth of the images, texts and music. The exhibition will remain open for six weeks, mainly for patients, hospital personnel, relatives and general public.


SANTIAGO, June 20, 2008 – The instrumental "Bird & Tree" from the album First Steps by Kamal Siegel was included in the soundtrack of a video explaining the results of the Second Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study (SERCE) developed by the Latin American Laboratory for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education (LLECE), with the support of the Regional Educational Office of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean. All 15 countries from Latin America plus a state from Mexico participated in this study and the video, together with the report and an executive summary were published on the UNESCO web site for online broadcast.


Launching ceremony at the Chilean Ministry of EducationUNESCO AND CHILEAN MINISTRY OF EDUCATION USE KAMAL SIEGEL’S MUSIC

SANTIAGO, December 17, 2007 – The launching ceremony of the book "Nuevos Espacios Educativos 2005-2007" (New Educational Spaces 2005-2007), a publication by the Ministry of Education of Chile and UNESCO, used excerpts of the instrumental numbers from the album First Steps by Kamal Siegel as a musical backdrop. These songs were included in an audiovisual presentation of the book that was screened at the start of the event, whose guests included mayors, senior ministry and government officials, and people from related institutions. The ceremony was hosted by the Minister of Education and the Director of the Regional Office of UNESCO.


Solange Béreaud and Darío CardosoSANTIAGO, July 6, 2007 - On occasion of the commemoration of the Martyrdom of the Báb (Forerunner of the Founder of the Bahá'í Faith) next July 9th, Darío Cardoso has specially launched today a new version of the classic song "Prisión de Hierro" written by Daniel Ferioli. This new recording of the song, which relates in Spanish the aforementioned episode in a poetic and moving way, also features guest vocalist Solange Béreaud. The recording in MP3 format is freely available for downloading from Darío's web site, where the lyrics, guitar chords and an account of the song can also be found. Darío humbly wishes to contribute with this new recording to the different commemorations that will be held around the world on this date.


BRISTOL (UK), May 2, 2007 - An extensive profile on Kamal Siegel and his album First Steps has been published in a double issue of Tabula Rasa, an arts magazine based in the UK with an international team of collaborators. In six full pages, the profile titled "First Steps through a Musical Landscape" covers Kamal's beginnings as a musician, his thoughts on the creative impulse and its spiritual origin, the story behind each of the fourteen songs on the album and details of the recording process. In addition, the article contains a selection of illustrations and photographs by Kamal, who is also a graphic artist.

Profile on Kamal Siegel in Tabula Rasa arts magazineProfile on Kamal Siegel in Tabula Rasa arts magazine

The magazine Tabula Rasa was established in late 2005 and defines itself as a place "where spirit and art converge". As well as profiles, it also includes poetry, drama scripts, articles, essays, short stories and projects, complemented by high quality graphics, drawings and photographs. Coincidentally, this double issue also features an article titled "People of the Earth", with text and photographs of the Mapuche, one of the indigenous peoples of Chile. Kamal Siegel was born in Chile and lived for many years in the Mapuche region of the country.


Temple of Light - Volume 1LOS ANGELES (USA), March 6, 2007 - Kamal Siegel's song "Bird & Tree" from the album First Steps, has been included in the album "Temple of Light - Volume 1", recently released by Insignia Records and DivineNotes.com. The album, produced by multiple Grammy Award-winner KC Porter, features 22 songs performed by artists from around the world, and its purpose is to help raise funds for the construction in Chile of the Bahá'í Temple for South America, also known as the Chile Temple and Temple of Light.

Kamal Siegel is the only artist of Chilean origin featured on the album, and his participation is especially significant for him. While living in Santiago in the 80's and 90's, he recalls looking out of his bedroom window and seeing the hilltop where the Temple was to be built. He tried to imagine what it might look like and thinking about how incredibly visible it would be to everyone. Kamal says that "having one of my pieces be a part of this album is a tremendous honor and a dream come true. When looking out that window I always hoped that I would someday be able to help build the Temple in some way".

The album is the brainchild of KC Porter, a renowned producer, composer, arranger and performer in the Latin music field. He has won three Grammy Awards and has worked on albums by artists such as Santana, Ricky Martin, La Ley, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Laura Pausini, Emmanuel, Ana Gabriel and Luis Miguel, amongst many others.

The album can be purchased as a CD from Insignia Records, CD Baby and the Bahá'í Distribution Service, or as a digital download from DivineNotes.com. More information on the album, artist biographies and sound samples can be found at www.divinenotes.com/templeoflight

Information on the Chile Temple project can be found at www.temple.cl.bahai.org


Click to enlargeTEMUCO, October 30, 2006 - A series of ten microprogrammes for radio and television featuring instrumental pieces by Kamal Siegel on the soundtrack, was launched today at a full audience event.

Titled "Araucanía: entre letras y poetas" (Araucania: between lyrics and poets), the series covers the life and works of ten poets of the region, some of them deceased classic authors and others prominent contemporary ones. The instrumental piece "Bird & Tree" was used as the main theme of the entire series, and portions of other instrumental songs were used during other passages, all taken from Kamal Siegel's debut album First Steps.

The series was created and developed by audiovisual producers Nabil Rodríguez and Soledad Guillén from Producciones El Camión, to motivate the reading of these poets' works, and was supported by the Reading Encouragement area of the Fondo Nacional del Libro y la Lectura (National Book and Reading Fund), granted by the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (National Culture and Arts Council).

The ceremony was held at the Campus San Francisco auditorium of the Universidad Católica de Temuco (Catholic University of Temuco), with an attendance of 150 people related to audiovisual arts, investigation, poetry, anthropology and history, including the director and two counsellors of the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes of the Araucanian region, board members of the Lautaro branch of the Sociedad de Escritores de Chile (Writers' Society of Chile, SECH), together with some of the poets and artists featured in the series. Four of the ten microprogrammes were projected during the artistic and cultural act, which also featured live poetry readings and a musical presentation by a group that performs Mapuche and Latin-American music using electric instruments.

The series is to be aired shortly through regional cable television and radio channels, while arrangements are being made for its distribution through other media.


SANTIAGO, September 1, 2006 - Kamal Siegel's song "Cascada" from the album First Steps, was featured today as the soundtrack for a multimedia presentation given by the Chilean Ministry of Education at the launch of the Heritage and Educational Network in Santiago.

Programa Patrimonio Educacional multimedia presentationThe presentation was about the Educational Heritage Programme, an initiative developed by the Ministry together with UNESCO which is applied in schools throughout the country. The purpose of this programme is to assist students in perceiving, appreciating and preserving links towards tangible and intangible aspects of their history, such as buildings, objects, symbols, oral traditions and legacies.

The multimedia presentation consisted of an updated and in-depth version of the original made in 2004, which also features "Cascada" and can be viewed at the programme's website at www.mineduc.cl/patrimonio.

The event, hosted at the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda which is located under the Plaza de la Ciudadanía on the south side of the Palacio de La Moneda, the seat of the Chilean Government, was attended by representatives from UNESCO, Fundación Futuro, Corporación del Patrimonio Cultural de Chile, Fundación Artesanías de Chile, Fundación Chile and Museo Histórico y Militar de Chile, plus groups of primary and secondary students with their teachers.


SAN FERNANDO (USA), April 1, 2006 - An article about the album First Steps was published in issue Nº 58 of El Ruiseñor / The Nightingale bilingual magazine. The full-page feature includes a background on the artist Kamal Siegel and how his musical style originated, both in Spanish and in English.


First Steps - Kamal SiegelSEATTLE/SANTIAGO, November 12, 2005 - Kamal Siegel, a singer/songwriter born in Chile and currently residing in the USA, has just released his debut album titled First Steps. With styles ranging from classical guitar to new age, jazz, flamenco, folk and rock, the album features eight songs in English and Spanish and six instrumental pieces.

Born in Punta Arenas, one of the southernmost cities in the world, Kamal grew up in various parts of the country. Although his world centered on drawing and painting for many years, his artistic interests began to expand at the age of 15 when he picked up his father's guitar. Filling his life afresh with music he discovered that through writing music, art could have a meaningful message. He began to teach himself how to play classical style guitar by learning musical pieces by ear. Unaware that the instrumental works he studied had multiple guitar tracks, he managed to learn and play them on one guitar by experimenting with alternate tuning

Kamal SiegelBy exploring these subtleties of classical guitar, his music writing began expanding on themes that go beyond today's trends, such as spiritual tension, racial unity, true happiness, oppression, inner conflicts and various other issues unaddressed in today's music industry. His music, though at times heavy, also finds expression in light, fun and joyful themes of rebirth and spiritual glee

Kamal currently resides in Seattle where he works as a graphic artist. He also performs regularly at events in the Seattle area.

More information about the album, sound samples and purchasing options can be found here.


BRIGHTON CREEK (USA), September 3, 2005 - A preliminary edition of the album First Steps was issued at the Brighton Creek 8th Annual Arts Festival, USA, and Kamal Siegel performed a few songs at the event. The album was very well received by the participants.


SANTIAGO, August 30, 2005 - After countless recording sessions in four different studios between 1996 and 2005, including revisions and approvals over the Internet during the final stage between Santiago, Chile and Seattle, USA, the recording, mixing and mastering of the album First Steps by Kamal Siegel has been completed. The graphic design, executed by Kamal, is currently being proofed and a short-run edition of the album will soon be manufactured as a preliminary release.



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